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Session 05
The Morning After
After leaving her shift at the bar, stolen keg in hand, Lizzy caught sight of Flynn leaving out the backdoor of what would be Artemis’s section of the building. Through a conversation between the two of them it came out that Flynn has been working in the back there, however he is made to put on a blind fold as he enters so whatever it is that he seems to be pumping for an entire shift back there remains a mystery to himself.

Once they had dropped the keg off to a thankful Zaan, the two of them set out to find a woman of the night for accompany the lonely captain. After a short encounter with Mudman who appears to sleep seated in his stall with his eyes open, they arrived at the Green Fairy. Inside they met Kitty, a kind woman who agreed to accompany the captain on the next leg of their journey as long as both of her way are paid by Lizzy.
On their walk home an overexcited Flynn gave Lizzy an unsolicited kiss which was somewhat returned. They parted awkwardly on the deck of the ship where Flynn stayed to think.
wink emoticon

That same night a terrified Byron returned to the ship coming down slowly from a trip which he certainly had not expected. Out of fear for himself, Byron woke the doctor who proceeded to give him a Medieval blood transfusion by way of leeches. William’s guess was that Byron had most likely smoked some sort of snake venom. Terrifying!
In the morning Byron woke Lizzy to talk about her efforts in finding Jayhab a companion. While Lizzy had found someone, it was evident to Byron that something was a bit fishy. Byron said he wished wished to meet with Kitty before Kitty is to meet with the Captain.
That same morning Tiber visited the Tortorian Sisters with a business proposition. Tiber believes that the Orange Isles, specifically Ourdear, is the perfect market in which to begin selling Tortorian ale. After gaining the sisters’ consent, a giddy Tiber left to further his plans.
Only moments after Tiber’s parting, the sister’s morning reading of the (i can’t remember the book name, ‘mormorium’?) was interrupted yet again. This time Doctor Bartlett was curious to see if the Sisters know of any diseases of the soul which might account for Prince Gregling’s illness. There was talk that perhaps it was the Gull’s, a manifestation of the Tortoise’s great adversary, poisoning the Prince’s mind.
In an effort to find further information, Bartlett join the sisters’ as they paid another visit to Laurena. Laurena told the doctor that perhaps is was Teuthidic illness which ravished the prince’s body and soul.
Shortly after, the doctor was asked to leave so that the sister’s might discuss matters in confidence. Laurena explained that there had been word that the group of OO sister’s which had defected has been meeting at different places within the city. This seemed to Laurena this best way by which Freya and Zaan might infiltrate their organization to gather more information.

I have left out Tiber’s final conversation with Styles because I gotta run to class, but I will fill in that last part tonight!

Session 01
The Journey Begins

First session


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