William Bartlett

he's iitchin' for a leechin'


William Bartlett is a 28 year old doctor, working aboard the Helena.

William has always been an serviceable doctor, however he does have a habit of attempting unconventional treatments (much to the chagrin of his crew).

Despite his trust in the medical disciplines, his life at sea has shown him that there are many mysteries to the world that science cannot explain.

William has a knack for counting. It takes little more than a glance for him to determine the quantity of anything. This has led to him habitually muttering sums non-stop.

William has a brother: Robert “the Headsman” Bartlett, a feared pirate with a bloody reputation. Despite maintaining an amiable relationship with Robert, William is careful to keep the relation a closely guarded secret.


  • It seems that Gregling’s illness is more dire than I previously thought. I will meet with one of his former doctors to hear their theories.
  • Knowledge withheld is knowledge squandered. I will make the most of my education and teach Lizzy a new skill.
  • There is always the possibility that Gregling’s ailment is not of this world. I will have the nuns help me find an exorcist to consult with.
  • Always use my Rainman ability to keep an eye out for odd changes in the ship’s manifest, these damn sailors are always stashing some bullshit on the ship.
  • Never resort to thievery, people deserve payment for their hard work.
  • I am optimist, not a naïf. People often bend the truth to their doctor. Always call them out on their lies.

Born to a poor family, William and Robert were put to work as soon as they were able. William was quick learner and flourished in such a structured environment, while Robert found he was better suited for a life of piracy.

While William disproved of his brother’s violent lifestyle, he was a benefactor of it none the less. Seeking to make a better life for his brother, Robert used his ill gotten gains to put William through medical school at the Sutherland Medical Academy.

William Bartlett

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