Tiber Var Emyre

Redguardian merchant and explorer. Loves to ride schooners ;)


Birth and Childhood
Tiber was born in Redguard to two lucrative innkeepers. Despite him not coming from a noble background, being the only child of his parents allowed him to get the attention and resources he needed to become a prominent member of society. He was taught to read and write in his early adolescent years.

Tiber the Merchant
Tiber spent much of his teenage years as a city peddler, originally working for his parents selling edible goods on the streets. He later managed to attract employment from various Redguardian merchants, expanding his network. It was during this time that Tiber acquired many social and communicative skills, such as how to haggle for a better price or on how to persuade a customer to buy your goods. He got further guidance from the merchants who employed him, becoming masterful in the art of bargaining at an early age. However, as Tiber was entering his adult years, the Leagued Oath called on him to join the Redguardian military. By tradition, a young man being conscripted into the military was able to choose which branch of the military they would join, in Tiber’s case, he chose the navy.

Tiber the Sailor
Tiber joined the navy just before his 18th birthday, as requested by the Leagued Oath. He was put under command of Vice-Admiral Ofier Ayrt, captain of The Barbary. The main mission of The Barbary was to patrol up and down the coast connecting other cities in The Free League, mainly to deter pirates and raiders from attacking local settlements in the region. Most often pirates or raiders would flee at the site of a leagued ship, but Tiber did manage to see a a little naval action once in a while. When not in combat, Tiber’s main duties involved mending or rigging the ship’s sail, scrubbing the deck or performing other various duties. When on leave in Redguard, Tiber would continue to perform as a merchant. Despite him completing the mandatory 2-year conscription, Tiber chose to stay with the navy a little longer, hoping to acquire other skills and experience. Eventually his time in the navy caught the attention of Vice-Admiral Ayrt, who described Tiber as being a very dedicated and attentive fellow. With 5 years naval-experience, the Vice-Admiral promoted Tiber to become a ship navigator, a position he accepted with great pride.

Tiber the Navigator
Tiber picked up various navigating skills during his time as a common sailor, but was given supplementary training when he got the promotion. In becoming a navigator for the Redguardian Navy, Tiber was transferred to another ship, The Windcatcher. The mission parameters of The Windcatcher had both diplomatic and exploration objectives. The crew of the ship were either scouting out raider or pirate hideouts on the coasts, or delivering supplies and messages to foreign city-states or kingdoms. This allowed Tiber to sail further away from Redguard more than he ever could before. He made contact with cities and kingdoms that he never knew had existed, and was able to observe the culture and lifestyle of the people who inhabited them. This made Tiber very worldly and curious about life outside of the Free League. He began to make journal entries of what he has seen, for future generations to study and learn. After serving as a ships navigator for 5 years, Tiber decided to leave the navy to pursue personal ambitions.

Tiber the Explorer
After his resignation from the navy, Tiber spent a few months in Redguard employed as a merchant to save up funds to purchase a schooner. He yearned to see more of the world, and planned to document everything that he would observe. He told his family and close friends of his plans, which eventually, somehow, made it to the ears of the Redguard’s leading government body, the State Chamber. Tiber was summoned to meet with the State Chamber to receive a proposition. Intrigued by Tiber’s plan to travel the world, the State Chamber offered him funding for his trip, on the return that he connect exotic and foreign goods to the Redguardian trade network to expand the economy, which will be prepared for further trade with other cities in the Free League. Furthermore they asked Tiber to act as an representative of Redguard, not necessarily as a diplomat, but as a face that would expand the Redguardian name and reputation as a merchant city. Without hesitation Tiber accepted, and the funds needed to finance his journey were sent to him. Along with the needed supplies necessary for long journies, Tiber purchased a sand-soaked wood 4-sail schooner. Knowing that he would not return to his home-city for some time, he appropriately named his new schooner The Redguard, to remind him of his home no matter how far away he was from the city.

At the age of 29, after saying his good-byes to his family and friends, Tiber sailed off from Redguard making his way north. After months of travel, visiting many foreign kingdoms, city-states and principalities, and expanding the Redguardian trade-network by sending back foreign goods, Tiber found his way to Ishvale. It was here that he accepted a navigator contract on board The Helena. After serving with The Helena crew for a few missions, he was tasked by the Queen of Ishvale to act as a dignitary in representing her kingdom in the Orange Isles, while two Tortorian priestesses conducted their religious duties there. It is here where Tiber see’s himself now.

Tiber Var Emyre

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