Lizzy Smith

Lizzy gets busy


Sister of Byron Smith

1.Pursue romance with Flynn. Convince Artemis to let Flynn work with me at the bar, or perhaps I can work with him so that we can flirt
2.During drinks at the stinky sherry make sure that kitty comes across as a reputable lady. convince Byron that she is a lady of good standing by coaching kitty on how to look respectable. Keep the captain flush with drinks so that he takes Kat home.
3.Continue my studies with Zon in order to demonstrate to William that I am ready to level up. Show William that I am ready to do more procedures by reading for him and counting for him, I will independently do inventory for him.

1.Always try and prove my strength to others.
2.Always try and learn/practice new skills.
3.Always say yes to tasks.


Lizzy was orphaned at a young age when her house/parents went up in flames

Lizzy Smith

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